Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Day 406 - Christchurch South Fruit & Veggie Co-op established

This morning, representatives from a range of groups in Christchurch South met to establish the Christchurch South Fruit & Veggie Co-op or CSFVC.

The Co-op is a clone of the one that has run out of St Aidens Church in Bryndwr for many years and supported by Christchurch Cathedral.

How it Works
A packing operation will pack prepaid fruit and veggie packs every Wednesday morning for pickup by local community centres who will then distribute to residents who have ordered and paid for the packs the week before.

The first shipment will be on Wednesday May 2 2012. Any group in Christchurch South wishing to join as a distributor should contact Addington Action.

Co-ordinating Committee
2x Addington Action (transport, payments)
1 x Manuka Cottage
1 x Opawa Baptist Church
1 x Phillipstown Community Centre
1 x Rowley Resource Centre
1 x Sydenham Community Centre

Christchurch Cathedral
  • Legal paperwork, graphics, buying
DHB - Community Health
  • Recipes, cooking demonstrations
Addington Action
  • Orders, payments, publicity, forms, training, crate return, continuity, equipment, transport
Community Centre
  • Orders and distribution, local publicity, packers, pickup, committee rep
  • $10 pre-order, Wednesday pickup
  • 1 rep on co-ordinating committee from each group
  • 1 packer per 25 orders to be provided by each group
  • Initial quota maximum 50 orders per group
  • No refunds
Weekly Deadlines
Wednesday 9am – Crates of fruit and veggies arrives by truck
Wednesday 10.30am – Fruit and veggie packs ready to pick up
Wednesday 12noon – All fruit and veggie packs picked up
Wednesday 4pm – All crates returned
Friday 9am – Direct debit payment to supplier for previous week
Friday 4pm – Order sent and money deposited into Addington Action A/C
Monday 1pm – Orders to Christchurch Cathedral
Tuesday 7am – Buy fruit and veggies

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