Saturday, 14 April 2012

Day 416 - painted window

Today the crew was Chantelle, Mel and Mike.

At a house in Hutcheson St, we washed down wood trim then put 2 coats of paint on.

Also loaded up and delivered a big trailer load of old demo timber from Walton St to Strickland St for the residents to chop up for firewood.

Next jobs
  • Monday - Hutcheson St - get curtain rail and thermal curtains from the Curtain Bank and put them up. Lay carpet.
  • Tuesday - Hendersons Rd - mount bathroom cabinet. Miner touch up painting. Then that house is finished.
  • Saturday - Parlane St - move temporary security fencing back to where it was borrowed. Then that house is finished.
  • Saturday - Walton St - Take 3 trainer loads of rubbish to tip. Mow lawn. Then that house is finished.

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