Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Day 419 - Nicky Wagner was disgraceful

Tonight at the fortnightly meeting of CanCERN, representatives of dozens of residents groups showed up to put questions to local MP's and hear their response.

Nicky Wagner is a local National Party MP. She was asked lots of great questions about housing, the elderly, land, insurance etc. A great deal of factual information was put forward by meeting attendees.

Her replies can only be described as whitewashing. She was quite ballsy justifying everything the current government had done or not done in response to the quakes and invited anyone to meet her so her office could "help them".

It was firmly pointed out that plenty of factual information was being provided to government (for example over the growing housing crisis) and the usual response from Brownlee is "what problem" , "let the market decide".

It was pretty obvious to meeting attendees that trying to convince the government to act more intelligently about the quakes on the basis of facts being put forward is a total waste of time.

The only thing this lot understands is a bit of the cold steel as Corporal Jones used to say.

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